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About Lynn Fogg



      ABOUT YOUR TEACHER         

My name is Lynn Fogg.  I have a Bachelor's degree from Oklahoma Baptist University in Elementary Education and Language Arts.  I have an Early Childhood Degree from Southeastern Oklahoma State University as well as my Masters Degree in Reading.  I currently teach all Language classes for grades five through eight.  I also teach fifth grade Reading and eighth grade Literature.  I must also squeeze in writing in order to get students prepared for the Writing Test in fifth and eighth grades.  My other responsibilities include being the eighth grade sponsor.

My husband Billy and I were married July 17, 1993.  We have two children who graduated from Oklahoma State University. We are an avid OSU family who wears our orange proudly. Beth, my daughter, is a doctor of physical therapy at SSM Health in Midwest City. She lives in Guthrie, OK with her husband Hunter and her bonus children Layla and Pierce. My son, Blake, is a resident of Dallas, TX where he works for Corgan, Inc., an architect firm. He is currently working toward getting licensed as an architect in Texas and the surrounding states. He has worked on projects with Google, Amazon, and DFW in his few short months of the profession.  My husband, Billy, and I are also active members in our congregation at the Broken Bow church of Christ where I serve as church secretary.

In the spare time I may have occasionally, I enjoy spending time at home relaxing, watching HGTV, or simply enjoying quiet time on the couch. :)

One of my greatest enjoyments is collecting new books for my classroom library.  I enjoy sparking interests in reading with my students by keeping on hand the series that is most popular at the time.  I am always interested in what the kids enjoy and want to give as many opportunities to help them indulge in reading whenever possible.

I love my job; but most of all, I love my students.  I enjoy seeing them be successful at all they do.  I strive to be a positive influence in their life to make them feel good about themselves and care for those around them.

I always look forward to what each new year brings to my classroom!